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Success Stories of Custom Systems


Introducing a new series of posts named #challengeaccepted to thank our marvel-ous R&D team for their outstanding design, innovation, customization and engineering capabilities.

A Custom Stage Top Incubator with 0.01°C thermal stability

In this post we present the request to develop a top stage incubator able to provide a thermal stability within 0.01°C (yes, one hundredth of a centidegree) on the sample, contained into a 100 microns diameter capillary.

A Custom non-ferromagnetic Stage Top Chamber

Here is another example of a complex request that we’ve got for a customized microscope incubator, one of those who contributed to make Okolab recognized as the incubation experts.

A Custom Environmental Chamber for Pharmacological Research

Discover Okolab's expertise in crafting custom environmental chambers for advanced pharmacological studies, ensuring precise temperature and humidity control. We successfully designed a unique system with specialized heated windows for IR observations, maintaining thermal accuracy.




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