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Stage compatibility: PRIOR H117
Magnetic interchangeable inserts allow to use:
  • 35/60 mm Petri
  • 1x3 in. / 1x2 in. chambered slides
  • 6-12-24-48-96 MW plates
  • Chamber heated by means water circulation in water tight channels present in the main body and in the lid
  • Flexible chamber height thanks to the removable chamber riser
  • Magnets allow easy interchange chamber inserts
  • It contains also an insert for oil immersion imaging
  • Magnetic locks hold Petri, Slides and MW in correct position inside the chamber
  • Perfusion holes: 12 channels for 2.5mm O.D. tubings are available in the chamber riser 
H101-PRIOR H117_480x320.jpg

Available Inserts

H101-6MW 6 well plates H101-6MW.JPG
H101-12MW 12 well plates H101-12MW.JPG
H101-24MW 24 well plates H101-24MW.JPG
H101-24MW-NUNC 24-well NUNC/GREINER plates H101-24MW-NUNC.JPG
H101-48MW 48-well plates H101-48MW.JPG
H101-96MW 96-well plates H101-96MW.JPG
H101-1x35-M #1 35mm Petri-dish H101-1x35-M.JPG
H101-1xGS-M #1 1x3in. chamberslide H101-1xGS-M.JPG
H101-1xLABTEK-M #1 Lab-Tek 1x2 in. chambered cover glass H101-1xLABTEK-M.JPG
H101-1xLABTEK-II-M #1 Lab-Tek II 1x2 in. chambered cover glass H101-1xLABTEK-II-M.JPG
H101-1x60-M #1 60mm Petri-dish H101-1x60-M.JPG
H101-1xT25-M #1 Nunc and Greiner T25 flask H101-1xT25-M.JPG
H101-2x35-M #2 35mm Petri-dish H101-2x35-M.JPG
H101-2xGS-M #2 1x3in. chamberslides H101-2xGS-M.JPG
H101-2xLABTEK-M #2 Lab-Tek 1x2 in. chambered cover glass H101-2xLABTEK-M.JPG
H101-2xLABTEK-II-M #2 Lab-Tek II 1x2 in. chambered cover glass H101-2xLABTEK-II-M.JPG
H101-2x60-M #2 60mm Petri-dish H101-2x60-M.JPG
H101-4x35-M #4 35mm Petri-dish H101-4x35-M.JPG
H101-GS35-M #1 1x3in. chamberslide and #2 35mm Petri-dish H101-GS35-M.JPG
H101-LABTEK-35-M #1 Lab-Tek 1x2 in. chambered cover glass and #2 35mm Petri-dish H101-LABTEK-35-M.JPG
H101-LABTEK-II-35-M #1 Lab-Tek II 1x2 in. chambered cover glass and #2 35mm Petri-dish H101-LABTEK-II-35-M.JPG
H101-LABTEK-60-M #1 Lab-Tek 1x2 in. chambered cover glass and #1 60mm Petri-dish H101-LABTEK-60-M.JPG
H101-LABTEK-II-60-M #1 Lab-Tek II 1x2 in. chambered cover glass and #1 60mm Petri-dish H101-LABTEK-II-60-M.JPG
H101-GS60-M #1 1x3in. chamberslide and #1 60mm Petri-dish H101-GS60-M.JPG
H101-6035-M #1 60mm Petri-dish and #1 35mm Petri-dish H101-6035-M.JPG
H101-PRIOR H117_600x600.jpg
H101-PRIOR-H117 - Components
H101-PRIOR H117-[DIMENSIONS]_600x600.jpg
H101-PRIOR-H117 - Dimensions
H101-PRIOR-H117 - Magnetic Inserts

H101-PRIOR-H117 - Magnetic Inserts
H101-PRIOR-H117 - Magnetic Locks
H101-PRIOR H117-[6MW]_600x600.jpg
H101-PRIOR-H117 - 6MW Plate - requires chamber riser