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The cage includes two fully motorized Nikon Ti microscopes equipped with iXon Andor Cameras and two robots for high-throughput screening. One wall of the cage has a large aperture for sample coming from the robotic access Gates of two CO2 incubators.

Dr. Ashkan Javaherian

"Okolab constructed a custom-built environmentally controlled chamber for our home-built double-robotic microscope system and I couldn’t be happier with it. Our order arrived exactly as promised. I was especially impressed that the engineers at Okolab were able to measure our custom-built microscope, develop an autoCAD model, design and manufacture the chamber and all from another continent and over just a few Skype sessions! When we constructed the chamber around our microscopes, one could immediately appreciate the precision and the quality of work. Everything just fit together extremely well. At the end, we are very happy with our custom-built Okolab incubator and we use it 24/7. I also really enjoyed interacting with everyone at Okolab, they're very friendly and professional. We are already thinking about our next order."


This is a most sealed microscope cage incubator for CO2 control in the whole environment inside. The cage leaves the confocal unit outside. It has removable obscuring panels that improves sample observation with fluerescence light source. Two flexible sleeves on the frontal doors facilitate the access to the sample without disturbing the CO2 level and the temperature inside.


The cage is suspended from the bench to facilitate the access to the focus knob and to the filters turret under the Nosepiece. It surrounds the microscope from top and includes a micro manipulator on the right side. It leaves the confocal head outside. A tilted door on the front panel facilitates the access to the sample. A big door on the right panel allows to remove the micro manipulator, without disassembling the enclosure.

Dr. Kees Jalink

“OKO labs build the incubator enclosing our Leica SP8-SMD confocal. We had constructed a few of those ourselves for earlier microscopes, so we had a pretty good idea on what we want: a large incubator that encloses large part of the microscope including the condenser, very good access during experiments, and also ample space for 3D-manipulators to do electrophysiology. Each of those incubators took us many weeks, plus much downtime of the microscopes. OKO lab worked with us to combine our desired features with their own design features, and the result is absolutely perfect. CO2 and O2 control are just spot-on; the temperature regulation (used to take us many days of setting up the controller to function stably) worked immediately and is within 0.3 degrees peak-peak. The whole incubator also disassembles very easily for service. But for me the most astonishing is that it simply fitted immediately; the confocal downtime was restricted to a single afternoon. Very enthusiastic team to do business with, too.”

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