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2-Channel Temperature Controller. Compatible with H401 plates, OBJ-T collars and with GF-MIXER-HUMIDITY-MODULE

One controller can control independently up to two H401 and OBJ-T items or one H301 chamber (one channel for the main body and the other channel for the lid)


  • Two independent control channels
  • 3.2'' touch screen user interface
  • Data logging via RS232 and DATA LOG software
  • T range: from 3°C above ambient to 60°C
  • External temperature sensor for self calibration routine
  • Dimensions: 84x125x164 mm
  • Temperature accuracy on the specimen: ±0.3°C, if room temperature remains within ± 1°C

H401-T-DUAL-BL with one H401 item

Koehler illumination ?

Remove the chamber riser and use the Koehler Lid

H401-T-DUAL-BL with two H401 items

Perfusion ?

Each chamber features up to 12 holes for inlet and outler of perfusion tubings

External Sensor for Self Calibration Routine

Different sample holder ?

Change the chamber insert. It is a 5 seconds task with the magnetic sample holders

Keep the sample in the correct position by using the Magnetic Locks



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